Stonegate VS Woodgate Door

What’s the difference?

Both of these offerings from the Huron line have their own distinct design. They incorporate some of the same basic features but in their materials and construction is where that ends. 

Huron’s Stonegate doors is our trademark and signature door system. The fully welded UPVC frame is solid! Steel door slab joined to the UPVC frame means Stonegate doors are built to handle the toughest of environments. This masterpiece of construction will be the spotlight of your home entryway and will provide you with years of security, durability and home appeal. The rigid construction and materials will last a lifetime.

Huron’s Woodgate doors provides a more affordable type of door, whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or are working within budgetary means. The woodgate door system is comprised of a wood frame with a vinyl wrap to protect the wood and create a finished product. Painting is an option but not necessary. Sealed to the panel on all four sides makes it a solid choice for any entryway into your home.