About Us

Manitoba family-owned and operated since 1980, Huron Window Corporation is one of central Canada’s premier designers and manufacturers of residential and commercial windows and doors.

Our top priorities of quality product, service and customer satisfaction have made Huron Windows the window of choice for many happy home owners and builders. A truly Manitoban family business, we interact with our customers on a personalized basis, operating on a foundation of honesty, integrity and respect. We are collaborative and consultative by nature, and passionate about providing the best advice and solutions for all your window and door needs. In fact, 80% of our business comes to us by referral from people like you.

When you work with Huron, you’re working with family – and a quality product that speaks for itself.

Our History

1965: Fehr Glass & Aluminum
In 1965, William (Bill) Fehr, a carpenter by trade, created Fehr Glass & Aluminum by converting an older farmhouse into a manufacturing facility. Fehr Glass & Aluminum focused primarily on manufacturing aluminum windows, storm doors and awnings. Shortly after opening, Bill brought his sons on board, and thus a Manitoba family business was born.

The Fehrs’ dedication to creating quality, durable products meant demand for the product quickly escalated. Even after Fehr Glass & Aluminum expanded to a 1200 sq.ft. building, it quickly became clear that the demand was far exceeding the space allotted. In 1973 a new 6,000 sq.ft. manufacturing facility was constructed at 300, Route 100 in Morden, Manitoba.

1980: The Beginning of Huron Window Corporation.
By 1980, demand for aluminum windows had given way to the newly invented PVC Window. Recognizing an opportunity to break into a new and growing market led to the Fehr brothers establishing Huron Window Corporation.

While the new Fehr manufacturing plant was expanded by an additional 15,000 sq.ft. over the next several years to make room for Huron, the demand for new PVC Window Systems eventually overtook the manufacturing space. In 1996 Huron moved into our new home – a 31,500 sq.ft. manufacturing facility in Morden, MB. Since then, marketplace demand for our above-standard, high quality craftsmanship, product and services has led our facility to expand to over 60,000 sq.ft.

As Huron continued to grow and our customer base expanded further from our rural home town of Morden, it became clear that additional facilities would soon be needed. In 2006, Huron added our first retail showroom in Winnipeg, MB. This 6,000 sq.ft. retail space at 1455 Waverley Street reflects a “Real Life” atmosphere that demonstrates the high quality for which Huron products are known.

2020: Spanning 3 Generations And Beyond.
Over the past 40 years, our ceaseless and unquestionable commitment to high quality and family values means our business continues to thrive. True to our roots, Huron Windows continues to operate on the philosophy that well-constructed windows and doors should last a lifetime. This mindset has been passed on from generation to generation, and is evidenced through the products and services we provide.

Huron Windows continually seeks to go above and beyond in product, service and customer satisfaction. We believe that listening to our customers’ needs is more important than speaking, and that a job is only complete when a customer is fully satisfied. Collaborators at heart, we enjoy working hand-in-hand with our dealers and customers to ensure a streamlined process from concept to completion, and resolve any challenges that may arise.

As a family-owned business, we are proud to fuel not only the local and Canadian economies, but the global economy as well, with a wealth of knowledge, proven craftsmanship and quality that speaks for itself.